July 18, 2016

William Cunningham


“I work with children, teens, adults and families to help them to have a better life.”


Bill has worked closely with children and their families for the past fifteen years. He works with children dealing with a variety of issues including adjustment problems, blended families, attachment disorder, behavioral issues, anxiety, depression and spectrum issues.


Bill has extensive experience dealing with this population. He was a Middle School and High School Teacher and Coach for eight years. He has also coached and worked with this age group for twenty years. Bill also did work with the St. Charles County Family Court for several months dealing with teens that were involved with the Juvenile System. He works well with teens on relationship issues, behavioral issues, drugs and alcohol, anxiety, depression, bullying, blended families and anger management. He also works with sexual identity and transgender issues.


Bill works with adults in dealing with issues such as marital problems, depression, PTSD, anxiety, anger management, problems with children and blended family issues. He works with couples as well as individuals to help them to improve their lives in a positive manner. He will also work with the entire family to help make the situation more workable.

Sports Psychology

Bill has been involved with sports his entire life. He grew up in grade school and earlier spending almost every day at the football field or the gym with the athletic teams that were coached by his Father. Bill played football, basketball and track in high school and basketball in college. He has also coached teams in CYO, Middle School, High School as well as College. He has also coach select teams in softball and basketball and worked closely with parents and coaches involved with select teams in various sports. He is familiar with problems that arise between players, coaches and parents. He combines his extensive background in playing and coaching with his counseling training. This gives him excellent insight in dealing with athletes that have mental blocks and problems with teammates, coaches and parents.

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